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Blast From the Past

This Q&A is a reprint from the May 2005 issue of Modern Acoustic (Josh Rocks; click HERE). Josh had just finished recording “The Animal Years” in Washington State. The issue’s cover “story” was a pictorial by Boston photographer Jon Strymish of Josh and the band recording the album at Bear Creek Studios.

Below is our mostly tongue-in-cheek interview with him. Pay close attention because one of his answers actually reveals a lyric to a song that appears not on “Animal Years” but on the next album “Historical Conquests.” Remember, this interview was in 2005, two years before “Conquests.” Also, I jokingly asked him about picking up the electric guitar for “Animal Years,” but certainly did not expect that he really would. Enjoy!                          At Modern Acoustic we are not afraid to ask the tough questions – the “real” questions – fans would like to ask. So we got ahold of Josh by email and grilled him.

Q. Has signing that big record deal with V2 changed you in any way?

A. I hope not.

Q. Would you care to comment on the rumors that you’ve been seen hangin’ with J.Lo recently? A. I will when she does. … Has she?

Q. If the Stones called and asked if they could cover “Kathleen” would you grant them permission? A. In a rock ’n’ roll heartbeat.

Q. How do you explain your rise to fame in Ireland compared to that of the US? Better beer? A. To me, Ireland is proof that if you work hard and love what you do, great things come along. I try not to ask why, and try to do my best with what I’ve been given.

Q. You caused quite a stir among your fans with the beard. Any plans for your next fashion statement? A. The beard is scary enough.

Q. There’s talk you’re a maniac with the wah wah pedal. Any chance you’ll be picking up the ol’ electric for this album? A. I think there is a huge chance. Sometimes the music just isn’t loud enough.

Q. Some of the stories that you tell in concert seem a tad, well, far-fetched. Is your life really that weird? A. I actually think those stories are closefetched. I think my life is far weirder. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and a pack of wild dogs is waiting for me. Other days, things are less exciting. The road is an invitation to strange occurrences. Each day you’re in a new place, new people show you around, you sleep in strange hotels. I could tell you some stories about Knight’s Inn that would make your blood run cold.

Q. Any hints to what the new album will be called? A. All I know is that I’m looking for a title that will be as amazing as the record will be.

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