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Issue 32: Great Start!

Musically, a new year generally starts off slow. The Northeast is in a deep, dark, snowy, cold, crappy-weather funk. (Did I mention snowy?) Even if bands decide to travel this way this time of year, it’s hard enought to motivate ourselves to trudge out for groceries let alone to make the potentially hazardous drive into the city to hear music.

As for new recordings, many groups target their CDs for the holiday season so the early part of the year is usually pretty slow for new releases. As for music fans, like all consumers, money is tight come January, at least until the tax returns come back.

So, in general, the music scene slows down in winter. You may catch an act in a cozy pub, generally listening to the music that warms your soul.

And you hibernate.

But this year has been different. Favorites such as the Decemberists and Josh Ritter, and newcomers like David Wax and Lissie have been rolling through town and it just didn’t make sense to pass them up.

So like a nice cold slap in the face, we got our motor runnin’, braved the conditions, looked for adventure in every parking space.

And on our way to town, we packed our iPod with tunes from new albums from Iron and Wine, the Decemberists, the Submarines and more.

That inspired us to pack this issue with reviews of early-year concerts and CDs that had us out of our seats and dancing in the aisles – or around the sofa.

We also invite you to check out excerpts from our popular blog column called Lyrically Speaking, which delves into the lyrics to some of our favorite songs. Here we present three stellar songs, Bob Schneider’s “2002,” Gillian Welch’s “April the 14th” and Lucinda Williams’ “Drunken Angel,” and try to explain why we love them so much.

What? You want more? Sorry. After all is winter is just ending and we need to shake ourselves out of hibernation.

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