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Issue 33: Back in Time

It’s been a crazy roller-coaster ride this year at the home offices of Modern Acoustic.

The early months of the year were all about music and the magazine. We spent endless hours going to shows, reviewing a bunch of new albums and redesigning our new website (see below). It was three months of solidly being absorbed in music.

And then we hit the brakes.

With a daughter graduating high school and turning 18, applying and touring colleges and all the hoopla that goes with this personally very exciting and emotional time, music took a back seat.

It wasn’t that we weren’t still listening, and we did occasionally got ourselves out to a club to see a band. But the writing stopped. There was very little time to stop and analyze or put down in words what we felt about a song or album or idea.

But now summer is upon us and she is well on her way to independence, so we are ready to jump back in. We have festival dates and club shows lined up and we’re ready to refocus on music.

There is really no better way to get back into it than a new album from Gillian Welch. It’s been eight years since her last album (we think we were gone a long time!), but all is forgiven. “The Harrow & the Harvest” is everything we hoped for.

There are a bunch of other albums – albums that have an old-time feel, whether they be filled with dusty country tunes or ’60s or ’70s era-rock – that we’re excited to share, including Eilen Jewell’s “Queen of the Minor Key,” a great follow-up to our favorite album of 2009, “Sea of Tears.” Other stellar releases include Jeff Foucault’s “Horse Latitudes,” Zoe Muth’s “Starlight Hotel,” and newcomer Amy Black’s “One Time.”


1. “Bang Bang Bang,” “Queen of the Minor Key,” Eilen Jewell. A short blast of rockin’ fun.

2. “The Way It Will Be,” “The Harrow & the Harvest,” Gillian Welch. Finally a version to replace the poor-quality bootlegs.

3. “Beg, Steal or Borrow,” “God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise,” Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs. A singer

that continues to grow on me.

4. “Wake Up and Live” “Survival,” Bob Marley and the Wailers. When it warms up, it’s Marley time.

5. “Here Comes Sunshine,” “Wake of the Flood,” the Grateful Dead. Ditto.

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